Charles 443 error solution

Hey, guys. Charles 443 error solution with you. I promised and I'm holding.
As you know, Facebook has brought mandatory safe navigation. Therefore, the error due to default or can not be cheated. Here for you to trgal solved.
Simply watch the video below and do. In the video I'm doing narration for those who have illustrated. Know your securities =)
Charlee before the install.
For Charles Program:  CLICK 
Let's open the program and then let's apply the image below.

Pay attention to location within the frame. First, the "Help" portion "Installer charles ssl" We choose y.
charles-error-cozumu2Then we press the screen to install the certificate.

We then advanced against the above screen turns on. 2, respectively, before We mark the box. Then the "trusted root certificate authorities" selected are saying ok. And would continue to advance.

Then the "final" text messages are saying ok to click on that. Yes no if anything to do with you Yes (Yes) Press.
Now you need 443 index faulty operation will do.

Right-click on that error 443 and SLL URL should call proxying. When the next tick, click on the following're cleaning the place shown. We're releasing the game. That's it.


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