Cheating Criminal Case Program

Criminal Case enter into any scene on stage thanks to cheat will only be enough to simply click on a few points. No matter where you clicked. Just click on the scene quickly without lifting your hand and win many gifts hold time bonus. A high score and more importantly kazanaıp high star value that can finish completely the crime scene. You can get more clues to solve the murder. and you may have to get under the required Boosters. Star is necessary to investigate the clues that you can collect through the trick.
Game by playing a few times as you can see all the stars and scenes filled closed. New stage for the closing of the need to have completed the existing scene.
I gained tips for doing research star high score in a different section. Many believe there is no possibility for you to get the possibility of irregularities.
It only took a few minutes to reach my 4 stars. Why? Each scene is simply drags and energy it will take about 15-20 seconds to finish the game is already very little time. Tip research is one of the most essential point in the game. If you do not have to research the cost of the star that no matter if you play the game. It will be like having a star?
You have to finish the game successfully scenes. They earn as a reward when you make a high score.
You need to examine suspicious files as you can see in these stars. If these stars do not mean there is not the solution to the murder.
It is necessary to use the evidence in the stars that captured ..
Criminal Case Trick Expression
Cheats are necessary for Criminal Case
1. Any release of Cheat Engine
2. Criminal Case Cheat Program
Enter to activate cheats in the game and open the cheat program before entering into any scene. Then enter the scene and click on any point repeatedly. The only thing you need to do this my dear friends.
1. Required program Cheat Engine:  CLICK
Cheating Explanation Video


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